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 Fund for Women in Development (FWID)
 Fund for Women in Development (FWID)
 Fund for Women in Development (FWID)

About Us

Who We Are

Fund for Women in development is a community-based organization in the Southwest region of Cameroon. The organization was founded in 1999, revised in 2018, and gained operational license in 2021.

The organization has Mrs. Sanjoh Rose Agbor Egbe as the President with a total of 12 employees including volunteers. It is a female-led organization. The core values of our organization are dedication, transparency, and protect human dignity.
Fund for Women in Development currently serves the population of the Southwest region, in multiple local communities. FWID has its head office in Limbe, Southwest region of Cameroon.

Our activities include providing information that advances women’s rights, providing vocational and capacity-building training to vulnerable women and girls, training and advising women on sexual reproductive health, identifying and rescuing women and girls who are abused, advocating for policies that protect women’s rights, and providing micro grants for women to startup businesses. The core values of our organization are dedication, transparency, and protect human dignity. We offer services and products such as the development of research tools, consultancy, and data collection.

We also offer capacity building for community-based organizations and community leaders. These services are all designed to give information about our organization and generate income to implement our activities.

Discover Our Passionate Work and Impact

fwid gender based violence
Combating Gender based violence and Human Trafficking

Gender-based violence, predominantly against women, stems from power imbalances. Empower survivors, engage men, strengthen laws, foster community collaboration to end it.

fwid wash services
WASH services

Safe water and sanitation are vital rights. Rural communities face challenges, but our organization promotes WASH awareness and facilities for health and development.

Improve women’s participation in economic activities

Promoting women’s economic participation for equality and safety through financial services, social protection, and skill-building initiatives.

Survivor initiative

Survivor Initiative: Enhancing services for women and girls who survived gender-based violence, trafficking, and abuse through emergency aid and support.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality and compassionate services in a way that promotes self-dignity and freedom in women and girls experiencing all forms of Gender-based violence and to champion the struggle to end gender-based violence through capacity building and community awareness.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every woman and girl child in every community has equal access and opportunities to resources to attain their boundless potential.

Our Goal

Achieve Sustainable Gender Equality and Empowerment for Women and Girls.

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Our Desired Outcome

To promote gender equality

To promote the fight against child and human trafficking

To promote and improve the life of the rural women

To promote and educate women on the reproductive health rights

To promote women empowerment

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

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